These five articles were originally published in 1994 through 1998. There are three, primary reasons that they are relevant to this topic, and therefore included in this website. First, my on-site investigation and interviews provided the basis for my book, Once: Once. This book is currently being revised, with the new title Eyes of the Ocelot. Second, they expose a self-determination movement in Chiapas (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, or Zapatistas) that is very similar to the one that’s underway in the American Southwest. In fact, the movement in Chiapas is further advanced; the map of North America for the year 2080 by Dr. Charles Truxillo and the Estudiantes Contemporáneos Del Norte shows an autonomous Mayan Republic. Third, my articles reveal a high degree of religious persecution that still exists in Mexico, an issue of which most Americans are not aware.

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church Cristobal Tovilla

(All photos taken by Lee Cuesta)

Attacks in Chiapas continue despite religious liberty law

Calm before another storm?